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Since 2000 Ghost has inspired women to make their own choices in perfumery by being an accessible brand, providing millions of women with a choice of premium day and evening scents at affordable prices.
The brand has enabled women to feel feminine, sophisticated and empowered with its captivating portfolio of scents, therefore building and maintaining a loyal, cult-like following over the years.
Originating from the fashion brand; British label Ghost was founded in 1984 by Tanya Sarne and became a firmly established name in the fashion industry.
She created an iconic signature in the Ghost collections with her use of flowing fabrics which draped beautifully over the body.
Today, the two divisions; Ghost Fashion and Ghost Fragrance work independently but complement each other in their offering to their brand followers.
The timeless classic fragrances are often described as comforting and nostalgic, evoking memories of family, friends and loved ones. Women grow up with Ghost and continue to come back again and again. Naturally confident and feminine, the brand has women at the heart of it, which is captured in the ethereal campaigns and the tone of voice.

Animal Welfare

GHOST Fragrances are pleased to confirm that the raw materials we use conform with EC Cosmetics Directive (76/768EEC)/Amendments and to 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Cosmetic products (November 30, 2009). The selling of cosmetic products tested on animals, or cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals is banned in Europe. The ban on animal testing of cosmetic ingredients in the EU came into effect in 2009. It has been illegal to test cosmetic ingredients for that purpose on animals in Europe since that time.   
We are currently preparing an application for an internationally recognised icon to apply to our products in order to more easily explain our cruelty free credentials.
Coming soon!

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